Although we are resident and native to the Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta State, as stated above we have our origins in the Benin Kingdom of the present Edo State. Upon migration the people of the Aghaeze clan obviously from the original ancestor (Igbedion), had to trade and do commerce, hence the igbo speaking part of the people presently identified as the Aghaeze Family.
The member of the Aghaeze family would great his fellow kinsman fondly with the words, “Aghaeze” and would respond with the words “Aye Ekwe Ebu” this greeting is one that is particular to only the Aghaeze lineage round the whole world, which in its own increases a form of binding, while encouraging a sense of belonging amongst the members of this prosperous family.

The Aghaeze lieneage is one of great heritage with rots deep in the ancient kingdom of Benin, in the present Edo State, worthy of note, the present Delta State and Edo State were both Existent as a singular State, Bendel state, up until 1991 when both states were created to form the presently known Delta and Edo State.
The family is made up of individuals of the Anioma Ethnicity of Nigeria in the predominantly igbo speaking part of Delta State.

How we dress

Our Clan heads


The Aghaeze people being of the Anioma and Benin heritages are very fond of positive attributes and respect to culture, which they imbibe strongly in their children.

This method of learning and relearning is one that has been passed down from generations, thus ensuring that every member has nothing but the highest moral standards, thus making us always stand out.

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